Friday, October 9, 2020

iMAC 12.1 Windows 10 Fully Working Drivers

 A short tutorial on how to get your iMAC 12.1 fully compatible and working with Windows 10.
Everything works (Speakers , Wifi , Graphics , Usb , Bluetooth etc)

Step1: Get your Windows 7 Installation Disc/Usb boot from it and proceed with installing Windows 7 Pro X64
Step 2: Install BOOTCAMP and let it detect and install all the drivers.
Step3: Activate Windows 7 in case you havent
Step4: Download Windows 10 Update Assistant and install. (Dont select clean installation , keep files and just upgrade OS)
Step 5: Download DriverBooster and let it update the drivers (dont update anything related to Graphics Card)

Enjoy your new Windows Machine.

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