Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I-Cloud Lock Bypass - Checkra1n 2019 Tutorial (VM Setup / IMac Setup)

A legit tutorial on how to bypass your i-cloud locked apple device. I've tried it with Virtualbox and came across many errors but couldnt resolve the error -31 of checkra1n application.
So i gave up and run everything on a legit MAC computer , which worked like a charm.
Works for all apple devices between IPHONE 5 and IPHONE X.

To get it to run on VM:
Setup your vm configuration , install CheckRa1n application.

Fix Apple Iphone USB Not Detected:
You need to setup usb filters for (DFU Mode , Recovery and Normal Mode)
Just select the device from list , add it , edit it and remove everything except name , VID and PID.

I was stuck at error -31 and stopped using vm and tried it on a real mac.

Checkra1n Application: https://checkra.in/

 Step 1: Get your mac pc ready.

Step 2: Install CheckRa1n

Step 3: Run CheckRa1n. First time will fail , close it and run it again.

2nd Try always work

Step 4: GoodBye I-Cloud Lock.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Linux ASP.NET | Resolve Error 500

Resolving ERROR 500 on Linux Mono Server

Linux Distro: Debian
MonoDevelop Server Version: Mono 4.5
Webserver: Apache

Step 1:
Rename your base page to Index.aspx

Step 2:
Create or edit your .htaccess file and modify it in order to allow redirection
Redirect 302 /index.html /Index.aspx

Step 3:
Mono.NET webconfig:

Additional Information:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Zebra P100i Card Printer Door Problem Fix

If you happen to own a Zebra P100i printer and the only issue that prevents it from working is the door latch follow the steps below to revive it again. Screw 2 screws on each side , cut a tire-up to the appropriate cable , drill the inside so the head of the screw can fit and lock.