Monday, October 17, 2016

Replace motherboard capacitors

Thats gonna be a really short post , but it is what it is...

Two things i've experienced this month , worth mentioning

1) BEEP CODE "Ambulance"
Yes ΅Ambulance΅ , thats the beep-code you'll get when one of your motherboards capacitor is dead.
In my case i was replacing an old mobo aka motherboard and my soldering skills werent enough.
(Yes , i didnt manage to solder a goddamn capacitor correctly at the first time.)
Long story short , Geeky , yet cool Beep Code.

2) Android Keyboard Flickering (When i was launching it on top of a segment)
Oh god this one. I was struggling , and struggling and whatever. I have nothing more to say , if you ever experience this , just copy the highlighted lines to your Manifest file.