Thursday, January 25, 2018

[Tutorial] PS2SDK on Windows10

      How to get the ps2sdk to work on your windows10 system

 What you will need: 

Step 1: (Prepare MinGW)
Install MinGW in C

Extract the mingw-lackages-ps2dev-1.0 and paste them inside MinGW directory C:/MinGW
If it asks to replace any files select NO.


Step 2: (Prepare msys)
Install msys in C
Go to msys/1.0/etc/profile , edit it and add the following:
export PS2DEV=/usr/local/ps2dev
export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/ee/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/iop/bin
export PATH=$PATH:$PS2DEV/dvp/bin
export PS2SDK=$PS2DEV/ps2sdk
export PATH=$PATH:$PS2SDK/bin
export PS2SDKSRC=$PS2DEV/ps2sdksrc
export PS2LIB=$PS2DEV/ps2lib
export PS2ETH=$PS2DEV/ps2eth
export GSKITSRC=$PS2DEV/gsKit
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=$PS2DEV/ee/ee/include
cd "/C/msys/1.0/"

Then navigate to msys/1.0/bin rename the rxvt.exe to something else (rxvtbak.exe)


Navigate to  msys/1.0/local , extract and copy the ps2dev folder and its contents


Step 3: (Policy Editor)                             

Step 4: (Environment Path)

Step 5: (Install GIT)

Open your msis , and type git to check if it works
if you type now git , svn or wget if the installation was made succesfully will show you as a result the correct syntax to use the command. If not try restarting your system.

Step 6: (Make ELF)
Navigate to the folder where you have your example files (youll need to have a .c file and a makefile) and type make.You should see the same massage and now in the same directory you will have an .elf file.

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