Thursday, November 23, 2017

CLOUD-IBOX [Custom Mod ~ Goodbye OverHeating]

Well i had some free time in my hands and found an old enigma2 box.
For those who are unfamiliar with these , enigma2 is the Operating System that these boxes run.

Well long-story short , this clone - box suffered from overheating so i thought i would bring it back to life and make it work again.
Why you may ask? Well , why not?! It also supports IPTV so it would be a nice little tv-thingy to have.

Enough with the introduction let me show you the full story with pictures.
I didnt want to plan anything , i love the freestyle trial & error procedure

So the first idea was to install on-top of the stock heatsink another heatsink with a fan.
I cut the plastic in a funny square shape but didnt like it in the end.

So heres the next plan. Remove ALL THE STOCK trash , clean cpu , put new thermal paste , trim the heatsink , adjust it and also keep the card reader/ci somehow.

I installed the cable of the ci reader , melted the plastic to fit the cable through the unused mmc slot. Also ive put 2 tiny heatsinks (Can you spot 'em?)

Put fresh thermal paste and the new heatsink.

Trim a bit the "square hole" on top.

aaand heres the aftermath

These funny airholes were made years ago but what the heck , ill show em to you. They get the job done. Also i swapped the place of the pads , the box now actually sits on the opposite direction as you can.

End Result Fully Working:

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